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Team Gymnastics

Team is for students who love gymnastics, and have demonstrated commitment and dedication in their regular gymnastics class. The team meets twice a week for 90 minutes. The classes are fast-paced and can be intense so this is only for students that are ready and excited to work hard. We expect students to keep in shape over breaks and time off with assigned at-home practices. We require a full season commitment (September - June.)

Our team does not compete in traditional competitive meets, however, there are several events and performances over the year including meets at another gym. *Please note, at this time we do not know if there will be any performances this year.

Please pick two-time slots when registering.

Team subscriptions are automatically renewed every month. Subscription includes one team uniform annually.

This class is taking place at 1023 Church Avenue.

We are running the team on a sliding scale to accommodate financial hardship. Use coupon code "teamcovid" to take a $50 discount or "teamcovid2" for $100 discount. Please let us know if you're financial situation changes and you need to decrease or can increase your payments.

Pick two time slots
Tuesdays 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM
(2 spots remaining)
Fridays 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM
(2 spots remaining)


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