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1023 Church - Boys Gymnastics & Parkour

In our boys' classes, we work on developing gymnastics and coordination skills. We train the gymnastics men's events (floor, bars, parallel bars, rings, and vault) as well as parkour moves on the trampoline and in our circuit training. By having the boys navigate through different environments we teach spatial awareness and coordination while keeping the class energetic and fast-paced.

As in all our classes, we focus on building confidence, attention to detail, and maintaining structure while keeping activities interactive and fun.

Does your child love gymnastics? Sign up for classes twice a week and get 10% off your second class. Email us at if you are interested.

Please note, our spring classes will be building on the fall and winter curriculum so we ask that only students with prior gymnastics experience sign up for the spring. If you are not sure if you're child is ready for the class, please email us for an evaluation.

This class is taking place at 1023 Church Avenue.

Please note that this session is already underway.


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