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Private Lessons - 535 Rogers

Looking for a way to engage in sports while staying safe and socially distant?
At Prospect Gymnastics our coaches can tailor an individualized class for your child based on their ages, ability, and interests.

Private Lesson Policies:
- Please wash your hands with soap in the bathroom sink as soon as you enter
- Please wear a mask when entering and exiting the facility (athletes are not encouraged to wear masks while doing gymnastics because we want to avoid risks of suffocation while rolling, twisting, and going upside down.)
- To reduce contact, we are asking people to enter through the back entrance and exit through the front so that the next family coming in has space.
-If you are coming in for a private lesson and there is still another athlete in the gym, we may ask you to wait outside for a few minutes until they exit. If your lesson starts late we will extend it for the full hour.
- Private lessons are 1:1, semi-privates are available for an additional $20.
- Private lessons may be booked as a family soft play gym rental, however, please note it will be at the coaches' discretion to engage with the kids depending on their focus level and social distancing requirements.

Please note that this session is already underway.


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