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Virtual Summer Classes

Virtual Summer Classes are an opportunity for your child to take a quality gymnastics class from the comfort of your home.

We are offering two types of virtual classes: all-around gymnastics classes and specialized gymnastics classes. All-around gymnastics classes will explore the basics of all artistic gymnastics events (beam, bars, floor, and vault.) Specialized classes will focus on specific skills such as handstands or cartwheels and are appropriate for students 5+. All classes will include warmup conditioning and stretching.

Class sessions are 6 weeks long. If you are unable to make a class or if you sign up late you can do makeups in another class session.

Class Types & Description:
• Preschool: Gymnastics & creative movement for children 2 - 4 years. Parental supervision suggested. (Props needed: towel & 2 stuffed toys)
• Grade School: All-around gymnastics for children 6-11 years. (Props needed: towel, 3 stuffed toys, textbook)
• Cartwheel class: specializing in sideways motion, learn drills to learn & perfect your cartwheels (Props needed: towel & 2 stuffed toys)
• Kickovers & Backbends: Develop the flexibility to bridge from lying, standing, and handstand! Build the strength to kick over from the bridge position.
• Hip-Hop Dance: Learn some of your favorite dance moves incorporated with gymnastics basics! By the end of the class series, you will learn a full hip-hop dance performance!
• Community Gymnastics - free gymnastics class for children 5+ (Please only sign up if you have financial need - we have limited spots available.)

Please note: We are offering a 15% COVID-19 financial assistance discount to families who need it. Please use coupon code COVID19discount at checkout.
Email us if you would like us to add more class times! Some of the classes that we can add by request are: handstands, headstands, bars & strength, beam & coordination, somersaults, and more.

Please note that this session is already underway.


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